City of Music, Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the smallest of its nine provinces. It is located in the heart of Europe on the banks of the Danube, stretching from the northeasternmost foothills of the pre-Alps. A large stretch of the city’s limits is defined by the Vienna Woods providing fresh air for its inhabitants. Vienna's global significance does not stop at being a HeadquarterCity: it also impresses as a KnowledgeCity, a CongressCity and a "DiverCity". And each of these functions is signaled visually by a striking landmark.



VIENNA Walking tour of Austria's capital

Walking through the streets of Austria’s capital is the best way to take in all its beauty and history.

Meet your private fully-licensed guide, and let him/her show your family the traces of Vienna’s glorious past and present as you walk past some of the most iconic monuments and highlights of the city. Among the many curiosities you will see along the way, Hofburg Palace (the Imperial Palace), St. Steven’s Cathedral, as well as the busy pedestrian streets of the city center are all on the list.

But those are not the only highlights you will see and learn about. There are also many off-the-beaten track curiosities that you and your children will love to hear about. And a quick stop for a drink and pastries in a traditional Viennese cafe either during the tour or at the end of it is always a delight!

This 2 hour walking tour is the best way to discover the beautiful city center of Vienna. And not only will your private guide keep your children entertained, but our game booklet, handed over to each child, will keep them engaged until the very end.

Our Walk Through Vienna tour is a great way to spend a family-bonding moment, have fun and learn about the many secrets of this extraordinary city.


VIENNA Step inside one of the world most beautiful places in the world - Schonbrunn Palace. 

This summer residence of the Hapsburg’s, one of the most powerful royal families in Europe for centuries, reflects the wealth and refinement of this family, and Vienna in general. Often compared to the Palace of Versailles in France for its beauty, elegance and size, Schönbrunn palace is truly a sight to see, and we have designed a visit that will make it lively and fun for your children.

Meet your private, fully-licensed guide and let him/her show you the most fascinating details and highlights of Shönbrunn Palace. From the Great Gallery where Queen Maria Theresa threw large balls to strengthen her political power to the more intimate rooms of the palace where French emperor Napoleon once lived, you will see it all and hear the many entertaining fun-facts that come with it.

To make it even more engaging for the children, they will each get a game booklet. They will have to listen to the guide in order to answer all the questions and complete the mission. Needless to say that a gift awaits those who will successfully complete the game booklet.

Thanks to our Exploring Schönbrunn Palace tour, you will be able to enjoy the riches of this iconic Austrian palace and see your children learn as much as they have fun.


VIENNA Klimt and The Belvedere Palace 

This combination of both magnificent works of art and a beautiful Baroque Palace of the 18th century make it a real treat for any curious visitor wanting to know more about the history and art of Vienna.

After meeting your private, family-friendly experienced guide in front of the palace, let him/her take you through the highlights of the Belvedere Palace. These highlights include the paintings by Klimt, Schiele and many other Austrian and international artists, but also include some architectural and decoration details of the palace itself.

Needless to say that a focus will be done on the main paintings of Gustav Klimt, including The Kiss and Judith and the Head of Holofernes, and those of Egon Schiele, such as his portraits and landscapes. Other highlights featured in this family-friendly tour include Franz Xaver Messerschmidt‘s sculptures of heads, Jacques Louis David‘s Napoleon at the Great Saint Bernard Pass and a few beautiful paintings by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller.

To make it engaging and entertaining for your children, your guide will tell you a lot of stories and fun-facts, and point out details that will surely be of interest. And the game booklets that will be handed out to every child before the start of the tour will definitely keep them engaged until the end!

If you are planing to know more about Klimt, Schiele and visit the beautiful Belvedere Palace museum, our Klimt and the Belvedere Palace family-friendly tour is simply your best choice.


VIENNA Scavenger Hunt at the Kunsthistorisches Museum 

When it comes to fine arts, only a handful of museums rank among the best museums in the world. And the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna’s fine arts museum, is high up in that exclusive list.

With a collection comprised of many different artists, gathered throughout the centuries by the Austrian royal family, the Hapsburgs, Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum is a must see, both for  the paintings exposed there and for the architecture inside.

After meeting our engaging, family-friendly expert guide, let him/her show you and your family the highlights of this amazing museum, as well as it’s best kept secret treasures.  Among these highlights, you will discover the Bruegel Room, which holds the largest collection of paintings of this 16th century Flemish renaissance painter in the world.

Other highlights covered by our family-friendly scavenger hunt include paintings by Titian, Raphael, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Dürer and Velazquez!

The scavenger hunt starts when you enter the museum. Just listen to what the guide will say… Not only will your private guide be able to keep your children engaged and entertained with details and fun facts about each paintings, but the young ones will each get a game booklet filled with questions. The brave and clever hunters that successfully find the treasure will all get a gift in the end.

To make sure that you don’t miss any of this iconic museum’s highlights, and still let your children spend a wonderful time while learning and being face to face with some of the world’s most famous paintings, just book this Scavenger Hunt At The Kunsthistorisches Museum of fine arts now.


VIENNA In the footsteps of Mozart and Friends

Vienna was home to the most famous classical music composers of all time: Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, Mahler…

Our In The Footsteps Of Mozart And Friends cultural tour will take you and your children to some of the most iconic places where these people have lived, performed or worked in Vienna.

Meet your professional family-friendly guide at the foot of Saint Steven’s Cathedral, where Mozart got married and where he baptized his 6 children, and follow him/her as he/she takes you through the small streets of the city center in search of where these genius composers once lived. Among these many places, you will pass by some of the houses where Mozart and Beethoven lived (they moved houses quite a lot at that time) or where they performed (such as the Café Frauenhuber).

Your private guide will tell you all about the live and times of these composers, and what they would do to attract attention. These fun-facts will surely keep your children engaged.

This tour ends at the Music Museum (Haus der Muzik) where you and your children will be able to meet  with all the composers mentioned during the tour and listen to their music. This highly interactive and fun museum is the best way for you and your children to understand who these people really were and what they brought to the music world. And if you are lucky, you might even be able to conduct your own digital orchestra (upon availability).

In The Footsteps Of Mozart and Friends is a great way to get to know more about the most famous classical music composers of all time and see your children have fun while learning!


VIENNA Painting like Klimt

Gustav Klimt is one of the most famous Austrian painters of all time. He had a very particular technique, making his works of art very unique.

Our Painting Like Klimt hands-on workshop is the perfect follow-up to a visit of the Belvedere Palace. Meet your family-friendly art teacher, and listen to the instructions before starting to paint like Klimt. Once the theory is out of the way, every one in your family will be painting like Gustav Klimt, in the comfort of a private venue.

Using golden colors and other fun material, the idea is to give a Klimt touch to a modern illustration or a photo, and spend a great family-bonding moment. You will leave the private workshop with your own Klimt-like creation, which you will be proud to hand on the wall at home.

After going on our Klimt and the Belvedere Palace cultural tour, make sure you book this hands-on activity with us. Fun times guaranteed!