Europe Rail

Discover Europe by Rail. Rail passes are widely used by travellers looking to experience as much as they can when visiting Europe. Passes are the ideal choice to explore Europe at one’s own pace. Simple and flexible, passes offer more freedom and extensive travel in the countries selected. The iconic Eurail Global Pass lets you discover up to 28 different countries and a large choice of rail passes covering a single country or 2,3,4 adjoining countries for those wishing to focus on specific countries.

Europe Train Journey

Whether for the efficiency of high speed, the abundant comfort, the scenery or the attractive prices, travelling by train is a unique experience.

One or more countries: You can choose to get a rail pass covering one country, two neighbouring countries or multiple countries. You can even visit 28 countries with the Eurail Global Pass.

Unlimited travel: Take 1 train or 5 trains a day or travel 50km or 400km. With a rail pass, you can travel as much as you want.

Flexibility: Travel whenever you want, wherever you want. A rail pass offers unmatched freedom to make multiple journeys.



Type of Pass:

  • Eurail Global Pass

Eurail Global Pass is the most flexible Eurail Pass, and best for traveller who want a complete freedom on their travels. It gives you unlimited train travel to 28 countries in Europe and you will be able to use the Eurostar, TGV Trains, TGV Lyria, Thalys, Trenitalia and ICE Trains to maximise your country intake.

First class pass for a flexible 7 days in one month from Euros 567 per person



  • Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Select Pass is the Eurail pass is an excellent choice if you want to visit a few countries close to one another. You can visit two, three or four bordering countries – out of 24 European countries. For example, you can take TGV Lyria from Paris to Geneva and then travel to Italy to visit Venice from Milan on Trenitalia.

First class pass for a two country select pass; 4 days in two month from Euros 317 per person



  • Country passes

Some traveller may just want to travel to one country. A few examples of different passes:

Italy – Take a romantic trip to Venice, Rome and Florence then explore the Tuscan countryside with Trenitalia and The Frecciarossa High Speed Trains; then Eurail Italy Pass will be perfect for you.

United Kingdom – Travel around/between United Kingdom and Scotland, you can get a Britrail Pass and the Britrail Central Scotland Pass.

Switzerland – One Swiss Travel Pass allows you to explore the country on their trains, mountains, lakes and the cities.

First class pass for France a 5 days in one month from Euros 293 per person




Embark on an enjoyable rail journey in Europe today.