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Small expedition ships can take you to remote, tiny villages and settlements, often through narrow fjords and channels. This ability to get off-the-beaten-path and avoid overcrowded shore landings means you have a much more authentic polar experience. Most indigenous settlements, for example, simply cannot accommodate huge numbers of visitors from those larger expedition vessels


Inspiring Journey

A series of guided itineraries with our experienced guides, small group departures with an intimate group size of not more than 16 guests. The tour highlights includes visit to the lesser known sights, savour the gourmet that only locals would know. Enjoy the wide range of cultural experiences by interacting with the people and places that represent all that is authentic about the destination. Relish in more luxurious hotels for a more comprehensive experience.


City Break

What to go on an independent travel trip but do not want the hassle to plan in details? Let us help you to make your planning much easier. With culture, sightseeing and shopping in abundance, enjoy a memorable city break with us. What's more, get the insider tips with our experienced local guides. Capture that perfect selfie at the most photographic spots around the city. Find hidden culinary gems only a local will know and explore up-and-coming neighbourhoods before anyone else!


Cruise Voyages

How would you like your next holiday to be? How about a unique, multi-destination itinerary, without the stress of figuring out connections, no hassles of checking in or out, a concierge to manage your luggage and a host of entertainment options? Embark on a cruise holiday where you see the world, and be pampered with the luxury amenities and services on your journey.


Safari & Wildlife

How amazing it is to interact with some of the world’s most incredible creatures and natural wonders. Enjoy the great outdoors and want to immerse yourself in a rich natural, cultural, or historical experiences and heritage? We bring you off the beaten track from nature reserves and UNESCO heritage sites, to learn, discover and understand the conservation of Earth's irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage.


Gourmet Tours

Are you a real foodie? Let us bring you to the best destinations around the world. Sample cuisines from some of the best culinary traditions or experience local culture at a cooking class. For wine connoisseurs, let us bring you on a customised tour of local vineyards with private wine tasting sessions.


Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats help to recharge your body and nourish the mind. Our wellness tours are designed to shake up your routine, give yet you back on track while offering you peace of mind. We offer the perfect balance of stunning destinations, rejuvenating activities, and experiences that will help you kickstart new habits and set you on a long term wellness plan that reprioritizes the important stuff to you while keeping you rejuvenated and refreshed throughout the year.



Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. Travel to relatively undisturbed natural areas and admire the natural scenery, plants, wildlife, culture and history while generating financial benefits for locals, minimizing physical, social, behavioural, and psychological impacts. At the same time, building environmental and cultural awareness and respect. Immerse yourself in nature in a way that most people cannot enjoy in their routine, urban existence.



Adventure travel satisfies travellers who are curious, thrill-seekers looking to push their boundaries. From exploring off-road vehicle routes to scaling mountains, swimming with sharks, or manoeuvring through narrow crevasses and emerge in the thermal waters of a naturally heated bathing pool, you will experience the unforgettable rush that comes with achieving personal goals. These unique itineraries combine stunning destinations, physical challenges and cultural interactions to create a rewarding and exhilarating adventure.


Beach Escapade

Explore beautiful sandy shores, clear azure water under clear blue skies. Take a leisurely stroll along white sandy beaches or spend long lazy days relaxing in the warm sunshine. Whether you prefer long, lazy lunches, followed by a relaxing spa session or after a vacation with plenty of activities, we got you covered with our amazing range of beach & wellness holidays.


Family Fun

Overseas trips can be a little tricky when you have babies and young children in tow, plus quality family time with the kids is hard to come by. Embark on a trip to bond over the weekend with your children or plan a special getaway over the holidays and involving multi-generations. Spend time fishing with the help of dolphins and experience life at a local community or spend the day working with the mahouts (elephant caretakers) and interacting with the elephants and more! We will keep the entire family entertained during the trip.



Experience travel like no other when you explore off the beaten tracks and immerse yourself in local cultures. Practice and learn new cultural customers from the locals and live like a local during your trip. Travel with an open mind and go beyond your cultural boundaries and experience what makes the destination, its locals and culture, special, unique and meaningful.


Switzerland Collections

Unparalleled Alpine Beauty Famed for its staggering, high-elevation beauty, Switzerland's mountain villages, glitzy ski resorts, glacial lakes, and Alpine hiking trails offer unbeatable winter or summer outdoor experiences. Traveling by train is the way to go – book a ticket on the beautiful Glacier Express, the "slowest express train in the world," for incredible scenery.


Rail Journey

Discover the unique experience of traveling by train with breathtaking views and unparalleled comfort. Leave behind the hassles of airports and roadmaps and enjoy the comfort of rail travel, which offers convenience, reliability and peace of mind. Rail Journey is more than getting from one place to to another - its a destination unto itself.


Luxury for Millennial

Explore a series of an undiscovered journey with your closest friends. Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Let us bring you to a world of authentic and immersive experiences that satiate your travel cravings. Capture the picturesque city skyline and create Instagrammable post to share your story.



Travel with ease, you will feel perfectly at home on TCS World Travel private jets. Whether you want to charter a plane or have your own aircraft, TCS World Travel can create the ultimate customized private jet trip for you and your family or friends. TCS World Travel specializes in creating personalized independent journeys for individuals, couples or groups of any size. These custom-tailored itineraries are all encompassing and include exceptional accommodations, savvy local guides, immersive activities, VIP access and end-to-end service.