Wine Tasting Sessions at Chan Brothers Sandsational Travel Fair

Organised by Chan Brothers Prestige, our clients enjoyed wine-tasting presentation and networking at the inaugural Travel Fair on the 20th and 21st of July 2019. Held at Marina Bay Sands, next to SIJE (Singapore International Jewelry Expo), we carved out an exclusive corner amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair ground, specially for our guests. Prestige Private Lounge’s wine tasting session was an intimate affair with Spainish, Italian and Switzerland wine where our guests enjoyed an afternoon of wine appreciation and tasting.

Wine Concierge APAC’s Zainal Kadir explained the origins of the various wines i.e. Bio-organic Judeka Nero, Botas Rioja from Spain and other interesting pointers i.e. the reason for the tannicity in red wine, the meaning behind the term “dry wine”. It was also a wonderful opportunity for Prestige clients to get to know each other in a closed-door setting.

Wine Concierges Zainal explaining to us the origins From left Chloe Chan Zainal Abdul Kadir
From left Allen Leng Nicole Capatana Haraldur Unnarsson Chloe Chan Alice Yap
Zainal giving his presentation
From left Mr Zhanglei Mr Qiu Shengyang Ms Lvli Mr Anthony Chan Ms Chloe Chan Ms Chan Guat Cheng Ms Dawn Chan
Guests mingling and enjoying the presentation From left Mr Koh Ting Bing Mr Brendan Koh Mrs Linda Koh Ms Chloe Chan Mr Tony
Ms Chloe Chan Business Development Manager giving an introductory speech
Mr Ong Khim Kiat Ms Ding Yi Ran Mr Zhan Bo
Envoys from Travel Entrepreneur Program also attended our session From left Kay Wendy Lily Charles Kevin Ng Dhaslie Lai Joel Lee

An excerpt from our Business Development Manager, Ms. Chloe Chan’s speech:

Whilst many of you know that we offer bespoke itineraries and customized tours, few of you know the exclusive experiences you can have with Prestige. We offer sustainable safaris, space tourism, private islands, and private jets, expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic as well as unique cultural experiences. If you are more into our traditional packages, you can also book Chan Brothers Travel Tour packages directly with us.  

We also offer luxury cruises i.e. crystal cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, and Silversea. Our friends at Crystal are also present here to share with you their offerings. Speaking of wine, Crystal has a 7-day Danube river cruise that will take you through some of Europe’s top wine-producing regions, allowing you to savor the best of wine harvests and learn all about wine-making traditions, wine varieties, and the art of wine paring from wine-industry experts.

It was also an opportunity to announce that Chan Brothers Prestige has expanded to include 4 new staff; Alva Guo, Milky Chan, Simon Voo, and Wendy Young.

Staff onsite posing for a picture from left Ms Alva Guo Ms Nungky Ms Georgina Goh and Mr Simon Voo

It was also a time of celebration as Chan Brothers Prestige shared this exciting news with her friends. Overall, the event was a smashing success and we will create even more memorable events for our guests in the future!