In this Cherry Blossom Tour, you will be able to witness the cherry blossoms and take Instagram worthy pictures at the Asahigaoka Park, Tennoj Temple and Ennouji Temple Sakura Street. Explore the historic Shimbara Castle, a significant historical site representing the Shimabara Rebellion and experience local food born during the Shimabara period. In addition to the cultural tour, visit the hot spring, Beppu Jigoku Megur, and enjoy a famous onsen at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn).

Please note that the following itinerary is an example, as all of our journeys are custom-made.



Upon arrival, proceed to Daizaifu Tenmangu, a famous shrine enveloped with 6,000 plum trees. Thereafter, proceed to the shopping and entertainment hotspot Canal City Hakata, creatively designed with vivid colours galore. This complex is a miniaturised city within a city, with everything from a movie theatre and amusement park to restaurants and shops.

Accommodation: 5* Grand Hyatt Fukuoka or similar



Today, proceed to Hizen Nagoya Castle Ruins, the largest remaining ruins from the Momoyama period originally built as a military launchpad for Japanese troops to Korea. Exquisite cherry blossoms have been planted along the stone walls since, providing visitors with a picture-perfect view of hanami when they are in bloom. Then, visit Genkai Undersea Observatory Tower at 7 meters below sea level for a breathtaking view of islands floating in the Genkai Sea and some 30 species of marine life. Make a stop at Takeo Shrine next, one of the oldest shrines in Saga city and home to the sacred Great Takeo Camphor Tree. Over 3,000 years old, this 27-metre-tall tree is one of the largest trees in Japan and believed to be a protector God. Thereafter, head to Ennouji Temple Sakura Street to take in the stunning Sakura (spring season) before wrapping up the day with a relaxing hot spring bath at an onsen resort in Takeo.

Accommodation: 4* Ryokan Yoshidaya or similar



This morning, visit Yutoku Inari Shrine on the steep hillside of a valley. The main hall of this shrine stands 18 meters above the valley floor and the vivid crimson torii gates lead to a smaller shrine at the top of the valley promising picturesque views of Kashima city and Ariake Sea below. Then, make your way to Asahigaoka Park, a popular place for Sakura viewing with over 5,000 cherry blossom trees blanketing the park with a romantic blush cover, followed by Ureshino Ocha Cha Mura Village for a taste of the famous Japanese green tea that has won fans the world over. Learn about tea production at the tea factory and take home some fragrant tea as a souvenir. Proceed to Kujikushima Aquarium next and experience the thrill of hands-on pearl harvesting at the pearl harvesting station. That evening, ascend the 333-metre-high Mt Inasa for a spectacular bird’s eye view of Nagasaki.

Accommodation: 5* Hilton Nagasaki or similar



Today, visit Nagasaki Peace Park, a tribute to the atomic bomb explosion on 9th August 1945 during the Second World War. Then, take a drive to Shimabara where your first stop will be Shimabara Castle, a feudal castle known for its striking five-tiered white walls that were reconstructed only recently in the 1960s. Indulge in a sumptuous Shimabara Guzouni lunch thereafter, with signature Shimabara cuisine comprising of rice cake soup topped with vegetables, meat and fish. After lunch, take a ferry to Kumamoto. Visit Kamitori and Shimotori shopping arcade, a one-kilometer stretch of departmental stores, clothing stores and restaurants. Wind down for the day in a relaxing hot spring bath at an onsen resort in Aso.

Accommodation: 4* Ryokan Ichinoi or similar



This morning, get up close with over 95 different species of animals at Cuddly Dominion. Then, head to Oka Castle Ruins Observation next to see the grand stone walls of what were once Oka Castle and its glory days during the Samurai period. Proceed to Harajiri Falls, formed from an eruption of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago, and walk along the suspension bridge for a magnificent view of the gushing water. This evening, pamper yourself with a traditional hot spring bath at an onsen resort in Beppu.

Accommodation: 4* Tenku Yubo Seikaiso or similar



Your journey then literally reaches boiling point as you explore the renowned seven hot springs of Beppu Jigoku Meguri also known as “Hell Tour”. Visit Umi-jigoku, or “sea hell”, named for its boiling blue water. Thereafter, proceed to Yufuin to explore Yufuin Floral Village, an English-themed village inspired by Cotswolds, an English district dating to the Neolithic period. Here you will also find many references to well-loved stories such as Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. Go on to Shiranoe Botanical Garden situated on a hill overlooking the Sea of Suo famous for its glorious cherry blossoms in the springtime. Thereafter, shop to your heart’s content at Tenjin Shopping Street with some 150 shops selling a dazzling array of latest fashion and much more.

Accommodation: 5* Grand Hyatt Fukuoka or similar



If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.




Please note: This itinerary is designed to give you an idea of what to expect on the tour but is not set in stone. What we actually do on a given day is flexible and can be tailored based on the interests of the group.

This itinerary and its package inclusions might be changed later in time, subject to availability.