Post-Event Success: Chan Brothers Prestige at Summit X 2024

Chan Brothers Prestige recently had the privilege of being the official travel sponsor at Summit X 2024, the C-SUITE Thought Leaders Conference. This prestigious event brought together tech-industry leaders, innovators, and thought leaders to discuss the intersection of smart capital and innovation. Our Executive Director, Chloe Chan, shared invaluable insights into our approach to harnessing technology and innovation to elevate the luxury travel experience.


Chan Brothers Prestige, a sister company of Chan Brothers, embodies elegance and sophistication in luxury travel. At Summit X 2024, Chloe Chan highlighted our innovative approach, leveraging her background as a product manager to understand customer needs. She emphasized our commitment to enhancing customer service through AI and ChatGPT technologies, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience.

When discussing integrating new digital technologies with existing systems, Chloe emphasized the pandemic’s role in fostering a culture of digital innovation within the company. Despite not being web-centric, our team has embraced digital courses and technologies to stay ahead.

Chloe also underscored the importance of cultivating a culture of innovation and inclusivity. Regular meetings with Heads of Departments and senior management ensure that feedback is valued, leading to championing new initiatives that drive the company forward. Reflecting on the challenges of reinventing a family business, Chloe highlighted the complexity of managing various stakeholders and generations. She emphasized the resilience required to navigate these dynamics successfully.

Looking ahead, Chan Brothers Prestige remains dedicated to providing unparalleled luxury travel experiences. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our embrace of technology, ensures that we are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of our discerning clientele.

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